Charger circuit update

Still really struggling to get my head round designing the circuit, this ought to be easy for me being an electronics engineer by trade, but then again it’s along time since I actually used the skills, I’ll get there eventually I know what it needs to do it’s just get the how it does it bit sorted!!!

Charger Circuit

Well I’ve spent the evening thinking about the actual circuit design for the “charger” and to be honest I have a few idea’s but my brain is now fried so I think it’s best left till another day now!!

Site up date

Just decided to keep track of the cost of the project so I’ve added this to the project page

So I’ve been a bit quite for a few days, that’s because I’ve been thinking about the electronics and OK so i’ve not got very far so far, but I’ve updated the site with the current thinking, why not have a look at here.

The Generator

Well time to talk about the generator it’s self, now OK I actually brought it last weekend but I’ve update the site to discuss generators and added information about the chosen item itself, if your interested you can read all about it here.

Site update

I’ve just added a few pictures to the Wind Turbine page to show what the different types of wind turbines look like, you can see them here.

Oh and I’ve fixed the problem that stopped people leaving comments.

And finally I’ve re written the project page to give some sensible structure.

Well I’ve been doing a lot of research this evening and have finally decided that the project will be  a horizontal axis wind turbine with three PVC blades, the whole story can be read here.

The next update will be about the generator, stay tuned.